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Glass Roofing


We specialise in all types of glass roof and glass skylight, glass roofing services that provide a premier look and feel to your home in Singapore. Not only glass roofing is stylish, it comes with two layers of glass which provides a clean outlook, quiet features and safety glass. We offer a variety of choices and customization of glass roof.

We offer design and installation of glass roofing services in Singapore and are specialise in projects for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We have a team of professional and experience technical staff capable of providing a range of glass consultation works as well as decoration works.

Roofing Specialist Singapore


As one of the leading glass roofing contractors in Singapore with more than 10 years of combined experience, we provide professional roofing services to residential, commercial and industrial customers.


Our long history as trusted roofing specialist means that you can come to us when you’re in need, whether you want leaky roof repairs or roof restoration, or if you want to upgrade your home with a new roof.


The team at 2ezBuilders are the specialists in Singapore that you can rely on to deliver quality workmanship and excellent customer service.


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