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We are the trusted flooring contractor committed to delivering superior finishes and takes pride in our work in Singapore. Our services consist of mezzanine floor, loft, railing, rack and epoxy flooring for industrial, residential and commercial customers. We strive to achieve and exceed our customers’ expectations in all areas. From giving a reliable start date to meeting deadlines. Flooring solution that is committed to achieving professional results in a timely manner.

Epoxy Paint



We have extensive experience in epoxy floor coating with many years in the industry and the know-how to make your job a success. We have become a market leader in epoxy coating and non-slip applications completing numerous floors in Singapore.

Mezzanine Floor


Mezzanine Floor


We offer a wide range of mezzanine floor solutions to meet different business requirements in Singapore. It can help in creating more room out of your unused roof space. You could add another floor to your building and increase the production capacity.




We are experts in loft conversions and the installation of attic ladders, loft stairs and loft bed with stairs to homeowners in Singapore. Whatever you have in mind, we can ensure your loft options are met with a solution that is tailored to your precise requirements.

Flooring Specialist


We spend a lot of time and effort making sure what we put down stays down! The flooring products and methods we use have been researched, tried and tested successfully in Singapore with the extreme weather conditions in mind. All of our flooring installations comply with the latest Singapore standards that come with a comprehensive warranty. In other words, our installations are built to last.


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