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Roof tiles are popular choices for roof covering in Singapore. Roof tiling can withstand harsh weather, and they are able to last for 50 to 100 years depending on the type of tile used. The 2 major types of tiles are clay roof tile and concrete roof tile. Clay tiles are lighter and durable, but concrete tiles come in more design varieties and cost cheaper.

Clay Roof Tiles

Clay Roof Tile

Tile Roofing


Roof tiles are designed to provide shield from rain and heat of the sun. Traditionally, roof tiles are made from clay or slate. However, these days, roof tiles are also made of concrete materials. We offer a wide range of roof tiles for homes and offices. Roof tile is an important finishing component to your home, especially under harsh weather conditions like we have in a tropical country like Singapore.


Roof tiles can be used as extensions to your outdoor creation at home. These roof tiles are designed with an interlocking system, which makes it extra secure as well as for easy installation. Our roof tiles are made from clay tiles and Concrete Tiles. With wide selection, it will definitely meet your personal tastes and requirements. They are designed with different textures, patterns and colors, to make sure that it fits into modern architecture design languages.


These designs are very timeless that combines classic and traditional styles to give you high performing and aesthetically perfect roof system. It is a fully complements Singapore’s historical and cultural richness. Aside from aesthetics, our roof tiles have superior solar reflectance and thermal reflectance to make sure your home is cool all the time. Our roof tiles offer other benefits like long lasting colors, good weather resistance, environmental friendly, and of course contemporarily designed and built.

Clay Roof Tiles


Clay roof tiles have been around in Singapore for a long time proving their long lasting and durability attributes. Clay roof tile benefits include:


Long Lasting Colour

Extremely low maintenance with long lasting nature and fadeless qualities.



Clay roof tiles are a natural thermal mass insulator, keeping the heat outside. Clay roof tiles harness natural energy and incorporating thermal mass while providing natural sound insulation.


Strong Security & Weather Resistance

Clay roof tiles feature a unique double interlocking system to both the head and side of each tile, providing greater protection from the harshest wind and rain.

Concrete Roof Tiles


Concrete roof tiles is one of the popular choice of roof tiles in Singapore. Concrete roof tile benefits include:


Low Maintenance

Concrete roof tiles are long lasting. If they’re set up and preserved properly they can last for over 50 years.


Fire Resistant

Concrete roof tiles are fire resistant. This will reduce the damage that a fire could cause to your home.



Concrete roof tiles are versatile. They are available in a range of shapes and colours. Many property owners utilise concrete tiles to create appealing multi-coloured patterns on their roofs.



Reroofing is the process of layering one set of new shingles over a set of existing shingles. It can only be done once, so if you already have two layers of roofing in place, reroofing is not an option for you. Because there is no tear off, re-roofing can go much faster and be much less expensive than a complete roof replacement.



Roof Tile Replacement


A roof replacement involves tearing off everything on the roof down to the deck, then putting on new felt paper and shingles. A roof replacement can be done no matter how many layers of shingles are already on the roof, so it can be done even when a re-roofing is not an option.


  • We provide roof replacement services for tile roof.
  • Our tile roof replacement inclusive of roof tile replacement, roof structure replacement and ceiling replacement.
  • Roof structure and ceiling replacement can be done partially if there is no major damaged occur.
  • Example of major roof structure issues area:
    – Wood structure are facing termite attack
    – Wood structure rotten due to constant water seepage
  • Major roof structure replacement will affect existing ceiling board that is because ceiling board structure are all attached with roof structure.



Roof Tile Colours


All high quality roof tile colours and finishes emphasise the overall architecture with their own distinctive expression. For a house that fulfills your desires. Discover our variety of colours and surfaces.

Clay Tiles

No. 12 – Antique

Clay Tile

No. 14 – Red

Clay Tiles Singapore

No. 30 – Xenon Grey

Clay Tile Singapore

No. 20 – Black

Clay Roof Tiles

No. 21 – Grey

Clay Roof Tile

No. 22 – Copper Red

Clay Roof Tile Singapore

No. 23 – Brown

Clay Roof Tiles Singapore

No. 50 – Black

Clay Tile Roof

No. 51 – Coral Red

Clay Tile Roof Singapore

No. 101 – Dark Azure

Clay Tiles

No. 121 – Malachite Green

Clay Tile

No. 40 – Satin Black

Clay Tiles

No. 41 – Satin Grey

Roof Tile Coating


Roof tiles, as good as they have a higher tendency to crack and always need a good fixing because when they are not addressed fast, it can affect the other roofing tiles if not quickly addressed, if you are looking for a roofing replacement with a whole lot of color options in mind then roofing tiles are very good because they come in different shapes, color and sizes.


We provide and install premium quality roofing solutions in Singapore, where manufacture only the best roof tiles. The processes from production, installation to maintenance, are completed by our team of professional technicians to guarantee you the quality assurance.



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