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Rooftop Waterproofing


Rooftops have always been a critical point in the construction process and an essential element when it comes to waterproofing. We install and repair rooftop waterproofing for Singapore homes of all shapes and sizes – including those with rooftop gardens.

Roof Waterproofing

Rooftop Waterproofing

As the top of the building and the covering of all habitable rooms, it is important that your rooftop is fitted with the right type of waterproofing product by an experienced professional. It is also necessary for there to be good communication between the builder and waterproofer to ensure there are no issues during installation.


Waterproofing Membrane


We can install our specialised roof waterproofing products to concrete, compressed cement sheeting, structural plywood and insulated roof panels for Singapore customers. The durable membranes we install are trafficable, and can be left exposed to the harsh sun or covered up with tiles, pavers, decking, etc. as you prefer.


Torch On Membrane


Roofs are exposed to weather related stresses and considerable temperature, by using a product which can withstand the high UV rays and has great strength and elasticity which will provide full resistance to the area.


Torch on membranes are durable to all the elements. The first stage is preparing the substrate by making sure the area is free of all debris and applying a roll coat of bitumen primer. Torch on rolls are laid out over the primed floor and are heated using a gas torch. By heating the membrane this melts and allows a bond to the bitumen primed floor to give a maximum bond.


An overlap of 100mm is required which gives the sheet membrane a combined and seamless join. Depending on the situation a second layer can be applied if needed. Top layer membrane can be finished surfaces or covered which are UV stable and trafficable.


Liquid Applied Membrane


Kitchens, rooftops, planter boxes, retaining walls and bathrooms that are constantly exposed to water is where waterproofing is required by using a 3 coat system of either a water based or a solvent based membrane, this will enable these areas to have a complete seal.


The first coat, being a primer which will bond to the dry and stable substrate. After drying, a bead of poly urethane sealant is pumped around all perimeters of the area to allow movement to wall and floor joints. A second coat of membrane which will bond to the primed surface area will give you the first full layer of waterproofing.


The third coat is applied over the second and this is the finish coat, after 48hours the waterproofed area can commence tiling. Using the team’s knowledge we will provide the right materials for the job.


Feel free to give us a call or email us for more info about our roof waterproofing systems.

What Our Customers Saying

  • WongFacilities Engineer

    Fantastic roof waterproofing service, great results replacing poor job of previous waterproofing, well mannered team and clean up of job after completion!

  • Jessie and Yi LiangHomeowner

    Our tiled balcony & rooftop terrace has been completely bought back to new by the 2ezBuilders Team. Water leaks fixed, the guys on site were awesome. They always kept us up to date all the time. Recommend!

  • Brandon HoM&E Site Supervisor

    Very easy to work with. But the most important, an efficient and clear communication. No drama with the Waterproof in our projects. Thanks.

Roof Waterproofing


We offer roof waterproofing services for all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial constructions. We can carry out surface waterproofing treatments, concrete sealing, concrete jointing and leak sealing, our team of experienced waterproofing contractors can help solve all waterproofing issues that you may have in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner.


In addition to waterproofing solutions for new construction projects, we have many years of experience in remediation work to fix old moisture leak problems. This occurs when waterproofing membranes have not been installed correctly or were installed against the manufacturers specifications.


We can repair leaking roofs, timber / steel / concrete balconies, water features and even swimming pools. With a large range of quality products and services in our tool belt, 2ezBuilders will have the solution to your waterproofing problem.


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