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Whether it is a wall tiles, kitchen, Floor or bathroom ceramic tiling renovations or a new build, we have a team of professional tilers who you can depend on. We offer a range of services that consist of speaking to clients about tiles and color with decor options. Upon allowing, the suggestions are offered upon request. We work with all kind of tiling services, i.e. commercial, residential and industrial tiling in Singapore.


Wall Tiling Services


  • Residential Tiling
  • Toilet Tiling
  • Kitchen Tiling
  • Commercial Tiling
  • Laundry tiling
  • Exterior tiling
  • Pool area tiling

Tiling Services Singapore


We are committed to delivering the best possible set of services to all our customers. Our friendly team will always find the solution you need for your space, creating bespoke looks that fulfil your expectations, and giving the same great attention to detail over to every job.


2ezBuilders work with residential clients as well as builders, designers and architects. Interested in our services? We would love to hear from you!


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