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Commercial Waterproofing


If water is leaking into your commercial property, you may be subject to mould, bacteria and deteriorating wood-supported structures. By properly keeping moisture out, you can extend the life of your building, protect interior contents and save money on costly repairs.

From waterproofing your home to sealing and protecting an entire swimming pool from water damage, our expert tilers and waterproofers have the know-how and expertise to get the job done. We always deliver quality results for an affordable price and have more than 10 years’ experience in waterproofing all types of wet areas. So, whether you want waterproofing for a residential property or a commercial factory, we have the skills and equipment to deliver a tailor-made service that meets your exact requirements and budget.

Waterproofing Services


2ezBuilders offers waterproofing services for all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial constructions. We can carry out surface waterproofing treatments, concrete sealing, concrete jointing and leak sealing, our team of experienced waterproofing contractors can help solve all waterproofing issues that you may have in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner.


In addition to waterproofing solutions for new construction projects, we have many years of experience in remediation work to fix old moisture leak problems. This occurs when waterproofing membranes have not been installed correctly or were installed against the manufacturers specifications.


We can repair leaking roofs, timber / steel / concrete balconies, water features and even swimming pools. With a large range of quality products and services in our tool belt, 2ezBuilders will have the solution to your waterproofing problem.


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