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Leaking Shower Repairs


Leaking showers and leaking bathrooms, if left unchecked can cause serious damage to your home. Cracked and missing tiles or grout of any kind will allow water direct access to your membrane and can cause major and costly damage. You may only have a small crack but it can be very effective in causing long-term damage and dampness throughout.

How We Fix Your Leaking Shower


  • Pressure testing
  • Tap Servicing
  • Tile removal and Repairs or Full Shower Tiling
  • Re-grouting of the shower, using Grout or our Flexible-Epoxy Grout
  • Industrial waterproof seals
  • Sealing grout and tiles
  • Re-sheeting
  • Laying waterproof membranes
  • Removal of mould and fungal growth
  • Tanking and Screeding to correct drainage outlet
  • New Polymarble Base installation
  • Plumbing


Common Causes and Signs of a Leaking Shower


  • Cracked tiles and missing tiles in a shower indicate movement and damage to the substrate.
  • The presence of loose or hollow ‘drummy’ sounding tiles is also a serious sign of a leaking shower, as this means your tiles are not adhering to the adhesives below, and allowing space for water to pool.
  • Faulty tiling in a shower can leave your perimeter joints exposed and allow water access to your surrounding walls and floor.
  • Cracked grout, and missing grout of any kind is a sure sign of a leaking shower and will allow water direct access to your membrane and can cause major and costly damage.
  • Split membrane or damaged membrane can cause your leaking shower to allow water to penetrate through to walls and floor resulting in major damage.
  • Split Seals or mouldy seals will also allow water access to perimeter walls and floor.
  • If water has penetrated below your tiles due to a leaking shower, then this can cause the flooring and wall skirting to swell and cause mouldy or damp smelling patches on your walls or ceiling.


How We Fix Leaking Showers Without Removing Tiles


1. Leak Detection

Using an electronic leak detector we can accurately diagnose the source of the leak in a non-invasive manner. As a result we can identify leaking tiles and pipes without unnecessary tile removal.


2. Degrouting

Once the leak has been identified we will de-grout the shower perimeter, floor waste, wall to wall junctions and step joints.


3. Membrane Repair

Using a premium membrane repair liquid, we will inject this liquid underneath the floor tiles and along the floor grout joints. Once this liquid has cured, all water seepage points will have been sealed and the waterproof membrane repaired. Upon completion, the area is thoroughly cleaned in preparation for step 4.


4. Regrout Floor & Wall Joints

Using a premium two part epoxy grout, we inject the floor and wall grout joints, sealing all water pathways.


5. Reseal Shower Perimeter

The final step of this process is the distribution of a silicone bead which is applied to wall to wall junctions of the shower. The shower leak repair has now been completed and your shower will be ready to use the very next day.


* Note that our first point of call is to determine whether a minimally invasive shower repair service is the right solution for you, however more advanced repairs will be required in certain circumstances to ensure that the your shower leak is properly fixed.


For most of our clients, we can fix their leaking shower and leaking bathroom without having to remove any tiles. Our standard service to a leaking shower generally takes 2.5-3hrs and leaves your refreshed shower ready to use the very next day!

Waterproofing Services


2ezBuilders offers waterproofing services for all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial constructions. We can carry out surface waterproofing treatments, concrete sealing, concrete jointing and leak sealing, our team of experienced waterproofing contractors can help solve all waterproofing issues that you may have in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner.


In addition to waterproofing solutions for new construction projects, we have many years of experience in remediation work to fix old moisture leak problems. This occurs when waterproofing membranes have not been installed correctly or were installed against the manufacturers specifications.


We can repair leaking roofs, timber / steel / concrete balconies, water features and even swimming pools. With a large range of quality products and services in our tool belt, 2ezBuilders will have the solution to your waterproofing problem.


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